Utilites TES allows flexible operation and reducing emissions

bGen allows flexible operation of your thermal power plant

Thermal power plants are required to operate in a more flexible manner: they’re needed to follow a double peak demand curve, resulting in increased number of ramp ups and daytime stops, as opposed to the traditional method of continuous operation. As a result, these power plants are experiencing up to 250 start/stops per year, much more than the 50 start/stops per year they were typically designed for as baseload plants. 

In light of the foregoing, it has become vital for conventional is the main way to guarantee the competitiveness of thermal power plants. Increasing flexibility, yet at the same time ensure the reliability. Improved flexibility level offered to the ancillary service market are often good ways to add revenues. reduced start-up time, higher maximum load and lower minimum load, spinning reserve, are all capabilities that are increasingly being demanded and whose value continues to increase.

Transform your thermal power plant to grid storage using curtailed renewable energy

For better utilization of thermal assets, The bGen could charge with electricity (from renewable source or grid) to collect low-value energy and deliver back during peak demand hours.

This solution could hybridize fossil fuel generation with renewable sources, where the fuel mix is controlled by the operator. At initial phase, fuel mix could start with a minimal amount of curtailed renewables. As more renewable sources are available, the energy mix could alter more towards renewables on account of fossil fuel, and transform old thermal assets to grid storage facilities.​​

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