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bGen™ ZERO

Sustainable Thermal Energy Storage

Brenmiller’s award-winning TES technology is a heat battery using crushed rocks to store high-temperature heat.

Powered by renewable energy and generates carbon-free heat, steam or hot air, ensuring stable conditions for 24/7 operation.


unlimited cycles
for 30+ years

10mwh - 1000 mwh

cost effective
natural materials

Heat to Heat

Shifting of low value heat to peak hours

Power to Heat

Electrification of heat for zero-carbon steam:

Pioneering Sustainable
Heat Solutions

In today’s rapidly changing climate, the need for sustainable energy solutions has never been more urgent. At Brenmiller Energy, we’re at the forefront of this revolution, offering cutting-edge sustainable heat technologies that not only meet today’s needs but also pave the way for a greener tomorrow.

World Largest TES Factory​

4 GWh annual production capacity​

Strategic partners

The Brenmiller

Brenmiller Energy’s bGen™ thermal energy storage solution is one of the most mature and cost-effective industrial decarbonization technologies on the market today. Founded in 2012, Brenmiller’s team has extensive experience in developing, manufacturing and deploying market-leading thermal energy technologies. Developed over the past Decade, Brenmiller’s bGen™ technology has withstood rigorous testing in the harshest, most demanding energy market environments. 

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Heat delivery

Whenever heat is required, whilst charging or idle, Steam or hot air is delivered in stable temperature and pressure

Fast ramp up and down could follow the process’ heat load to optimize efficiency and minimize heat loss

Heat storage

Heavily insulated crushed rocks store the heat for hours or days with minimal heat loss of less than 0.1% per hour

Heat transfer

Heat and circulated inside the TES pipes, heating the storage media

Heat for charging

Low value or waste heat is harnessed and passed to the TES modules

Harnessing Renewable Energy

Wind and solar, which are becoming increasingly cost-effective compared to traditional fossil fuels, are used for charging directly, or over the grid.

Heat storage​

Heavily insulated TES modules filled with crushed rocks store the heat for hours or days with minimal heat loss of less than 0.1% per hour

Electrical heating

High-efficiency resistive heaters are embedded within the storage modules, heating the crushed rocks up to 750°c

Heat delivery​

Whenever heat is required, whilst charging or idle, Steam or hot air is delivered in stable temperature and pressure

Fast ramp up and down could follow the process’ heat load to optimize efficiency and minimize heat loss