Brenmiller’s bGen™ thermal energy storage technology uses crushed rocks to store heat at high temperatures.

Similar to electric batteries, renewable energy or grid electricity is used to heat the storage media up to 650°C.

Heat is stored for hours or days later until the start of discharge, where water is circulated in carbon-steel pipes in direct contact with the hot storage media, and steam is generated and dispatched to stabilization tank, to provide the customer with stable condition steam up to 530°C.

Brenmiller’s bGen™ is configured to meet plant-specific size, capacity, and power requirements and offers total site-level control over energy temperature and flow to ensure 24/7 reliability. The system can be charged and discharged simultaneously or at distinct times to provide an additional layer of reliability.


The bGen™ system is comprised of multiple, identical prefabricated modules called bCubes

bCubes™ are assembled onsite, insulated to minimize thermal losses, and connected to the plant

Several available configurations to mitigate footprint constraints